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Find out more about our services

Find out more about our services

Voice Carrier Services


High-quality international voice termination with competitive market prices across the globe. We will provide you with the global wholesale voice termination network for you to grow your business.

Global coverage

Wholesale call termination worldwide with DTMF & fax support with strong preference of direct routing. 

Flexible pricing

Hihgly competitive rates and accurate billing with pre-paid and post-paid options without compromises in quality. 

Highest quality

Premium CLI guaranteed routes, online quality monitoring and anti-fraud system ensures the best service. 

Customer service

Dedicated 24/7 customer care and highly motivated account management always ready to help customers. 

Value add services

Fraud alerting combining 3rd party software and in-house development, DID service and toll-free numbers

Premium Quality Service

  • TDM or IP interconnections across cable, fixed, and mobile operators

  • CLI transmission with premium quality best-effort delivery and fax

  • Multiple protocol support SS7, including ANSI, ITU, and ETSI

  • Real-time anti-fraud solutions for risky destinations

  • Redundant routes and quality parameter monitoring; ASR, ACD, MOS, and FAS identification

Global Network

High-performance and global connectivity reach create the most substantial presence with a blend of performance-based routing of top-tier transit providers and exchanges in the most significant appearance in Europe, CIS, Middle, Africa, Asia and Americas.

     Retail carriers

Get A-Z coverage for voice traffic at competitive rates, prevent voice fraud, eliminate grey routes and secure revenues

   Call Centers & Customer Support

Voice solutions for calling centers. Wide coverage, number masking, call forwarding, IVR support.

OTT Services & Calling APPs

Add international calling capabilities to your apps. Send one-time passwords via voice messages.

Enterprises & Retail Companies

Fully explore potential of voice, get additional numbering and protect your business from fraud.



Reliable SMS Gateway & Services through state-of-the-art platform adhering to the highest security and operational standards

Global coverage

Global SMS termination with direct connections to major MNOs & MVNOs as well as to niche players. 

Types of SMS

All types of SMS are supported (A2P, P2P, P2A) + unicode, binary and multi-part messages.

Reliable quality

High SMS throughput, instant delivery & 24/7 NOC, real-time reporting together with dedicated support team.


Support of WhatsApp Business API, Viber Business Messages and RCS messaging as well as other channels.

Notification and authentication

Omnichannel promo messages, transactional notifications and verification messages.

A2P Messaging

A2P, or Application-to-Person messaging, is any kind of automated text messaging traffic in which a person is receiving messages from an application.

A2P messaging allows Retail and Marketing businesses to send marketing messages, mass surveys, chat bots, appointment reminders, order confirmations, delivery notices, PIN codes, and one-time passwords (OTPs). It can assist Banks with sending deposit confirmation, suspicious activity and insufficient balance alerts. Apps can send two-factor authentication and password reset alerts. It can assist Call Center businesses with direct assistance, follow-up inquires, and notifications.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is not only used for marketing purposes though. Many businesses use one-way SMS messaging to improve internal processes and communication between employees, for example, and financial institutions take advantage of the immediacy of SMS for time sensitive messages like one-time PINs.

No Lead time

SMS messages can be created and delivered to the recipient’s phone within a matter of minutes.

Time to open

Not only are nearly all SMS messages opened, they’re typically read within 90 seconds of being sent.

Low cost

SMS marketing costs significantly less than other advertising options like voice calls, print, radio, or TV. 

Open rate

SMS enjoys a staggering open rate of 98%. That means that nearly every single text message sent is being opened.



Voice Technology Services


We offer comprehensive consulting and services in the selection, implementation and management of information and communication technologies (ICT). We help you to effectively integrate new technology and products into your current infrastructure.
The professional knowledge and decades of experience of our employees is the best guarantee of your full satisfaction.


Virtual IP-PBX

Virtual IP-PBX with high quality features and benefits. Either deployed on customer premises of fully cloud-based solution. 


Proven Signaling System 7 (SS7) protocol implementations for use within high performance products. 

Sip Trunking

SIP Protocol telephony solution for companies with IP PBX. Ideal for on-premise or cloud-based IP-PBX customers. 

Toll free numbers

Toll free numbers according to your companies needs. Improve your clients experience by reduced cost and flexibility. 

Full integration

Possible integration of each component into your current ICT infrastructure. Tailor-made solutions. 

After deployment process is done we are ready to fully suport your in your daily business. Our 24/7 support, combination of 3rd parties and in-house solutions and cooperation with invovative companies wordwide ensure that your servies will remain in the best shape longterm.


Remote maintanance

Our experiences staff is ready to continously support you remotly so waiting time for necessary action is minimalized. 

Traffic control

Voice solutions for calling centers. Wide coverage, number masking, call forwarding, IVR support.

24/7 Support

Add international calling capabilities to your apps. Send one-time passwords via voice messages.


Fully explore potential of voice, get additional numbering and protect your business from fraud.

Technology Servies

AI Conversational Platform


We offer an unique conversational intelligence platform capable of deep understanding of human interactions. It integrates easily via REST API and is thus embeddable into many existing modern backends as well as existing (legacy) systems. We use several sophisticated strategies to interact with the customers over the respective channels in the true omnichannel way and thus maximally optimize the user experience.


Main advantages of our platform

  • Each component can be integrated into existing customer enviornment separately or we are able to prepare full scale omnichannel solution. 

  • Possibility ot tailor-made product based on exact requirements of customer. 

  • Continuous development and exploration of various business segments based on latest AI development. 


Components for voice analysis

Speech to text 

full transcription of spoken language

Text to speech

Generating spoken language from text input

Conversational voicebots

Inbound/outbound voicebots based on latest AI technolgy

Speaker detecion

Sophisticated detection of active speaking user

Audio signal annotation

Silence, noise, music, human speech.

Audio environment detection

Generating spoken language from text input

Speaker detection & classification

male/female, age, angry/happy etc.

Keyword spotting

Word "xy" is present in the speech or not

Components for text analysis


Conversational assistants based on latest AI technology

Text summarization

Generating spoken language from text input

Text data clustering

Grouping of text documents based similarity

Machine translation

ex. From English to German, sequence to sequence 

Sentiment analysis

Based on language used recognize

Named entity detection

Annotate text with labels like "name", "company", "date"...

Natural language report generation from data 

e.g. covid report

Automatic email sorting and/or classification

High priority, junk, sales, retention...

AI analysis


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